Grade the player Liverpool-Chelsea in the Premier League last night’s goalless draw

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Grade the player LiverpoolChelsea in the Premier League last night’s goalless draw.

Chelsea Premier League

Kepa Arrizabalaga – 7,
there are not many save moments In addition, the moment that must be protected is not a difficult ball. Plays well on the ground The ball is quite accurate.

Thiago Silva – 8
outstanding performance in defense There are many beautiful bites, including blocking shots in front of the goal, helping the team narrowly escape the goal.

Benoit Badiyashil – 7
served as a center pair with Silva. The overall picture is considered to be quite a lot of roles, dealing well with Salah, having many beautiful defensive moments, but it can be detrimental when it strikes. but to save Alisson

Trevoh Chalobah – 7
Played at right-back in this game. The defensive game was excellent, both in tackling and ball handling. But it doesn’t play much of a role with the attacking game on the starboard side.

Marc Cucurella – 7
roles prominent on the left flank, works well with Badiyachil in defense. Has speed and agility to cope with the attacking game of the home team

Jorginho – 7
holding the game in midfield Stand low and keep the ball up from the backcourt. The overall picture is considered to be able to meet the standard, can release the ball accurately without errors.

Carner Gallagher – 7
Chasing the ball in midfield Participate in the game enough Keep connecting the game from the middle to the front, as well as chasing the game in the middle.

Lewis Hall – 6
is push up into midfield. He had enough opportunities to play with the ball, but still had a difficult rhythm and easily lost the ball many times.

Hakim Ziyech – 7
outstanding contributions on the right flank Placing an interest-based result creates many opportunities for the team. Had a chance to hit in the penalty area, but unfortunately the shot was blocked.

Mason Mount – 6
linking the game up front But today the role with the team is quite small. Didn’t play with the ball much throughout the game.

Kai Havertz – 6
Keeps the ball, collects the ball in the frontcourt. But did not find many chances to finish the score There was only a shot at the beginning of the game, but unfortunately it only slightly overlapped.

Liverpool Premier League

Alisson Becker – 7 Did
n’t have much of a chance to make a difficult save except for Badiyachil’s slick strike, but today’s footwork looks a bit nerve-wracking.

James Milner – 6
In the first half, the role was quite outstanding, the defensive game handled Chelsea’s offensive game well on the left side, having a chance to fill it up to win some openings, but after Chelsea sent Mudrick down, there was quite a problem until he was substituted. Go to

Ibrahima Konate – 7
The defensive game has some beautiful rhythmic strikes, dealing with Havertz well, but the ball in the air still has some problems.

Joe Gomez – 7
early in the game. There will be some problems in catching the rhythm of Chelsea’s offensive game, but after that it gradually adapts better, coordinating with Konate to help overlap in dangerous moments well

Andy Robertson – 7
Dominant in the game on the starboard side Participate in the offensive game fairly early in the second half. But there are still some positions. That can until Ziyech has space to open

Stefan Bajcetic – 6
Gets the chance to start in the league for the first time. But today, it looks like. There still many things that need to be fine-tuned. Both strokes Including the transition from defensive to offensive that is still lacking

Naby Keita – 5
forms must said to disappointing. Because the role is relatively small. Today there is almost no opportunity to create games for the team as much as they should

Thiago Alcantara – 7
relies on a unique ability to keep the ball in possession. Plus having to help chase the ball to cut the game in the midfield Seems to be the person who performs best in the real midfield in this game.

Mohamed Salah – 6,
enough to find an opportunity to create some games, both at the time of paying for Kakpo early in the game and at the time of shooting, focusing on the frame, but over the crossbar But the second half almost completely disappeared from the game.

Harvey Elliott – 5
But it can hardly help the offensive team at all. Until having to drop down low. But still unable to find opportunities