‘Disasi’ laments Singh missed a lot of opportunities

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Axel Disasi admits Chelsea didn’t finish well enough after thinking they should have won the match against Bournemouth, and understands fans booed Chelsea’s chances

. The closest thing to be seen in the game was Raheem Sterling’s free kick. Go and hit the triangle.

The French national team defender admitted that he was a little angry at not winning but didn’t know why the “Sing Blues” couldn’t score. สมัคร ufabet

“I was a little angry because I thought we deserved to win. We missed a lot of opportunities because of that, so it didn’t feel good. But I think we saw some good moves on the field,

Good moment,” Disasi told Sky Sports . “We didn’t score a goal so we have to improve in this area. I think the door will come soon.”

“I don’t know either. (Why Chelsea couldn’t score) I think we didn’t have any luck but we have to keep going. I’m sure the goal will happen.

Even though they couldn’t score, Chelsea didn’t concede a goal and Disasi said of his own form: “I’m happy with my form. We didn’t concede a goal so it’s good for confidence ′′ ′′

I tried to do my best to help the team. I think Robert did a great job in this game. I just try to do my best for the team. I’m feeling better when I’m on the pitch.”

They were also booed by Chelsea fans after the final whistle and Disasi understands why the fans did that. “

I I understand, they want us to win every game because we are Chelsea, we are ambitious. We have to win every game and I understand that. All I can say is that we have to keep fighting and I think the future will be good for the club.”