Arteta says he will not underestimate Manchester United without Casemiro

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Arteta says he will not underestimate Manchester United without Casemiro

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta insists they will never underestimate Manchester United in this weekend’s Premier League.

Arsenal remain at the top of the Premier League this season, five points clear of Manchester City. While Manchester United in good form despite draw with Crystal Palace in their last game. Arteta insists Manchester United are always dangerous under any circumstances, whether or not there will be key midfielder Casemiro on the pitch.

“In the first game we met we learned. It’s an important lesson about the game and why we lose in it. In many moments we can control the game. But we know it’s one of the attributes of Manchester United. When you’re in possession of the game. They are ready to take it away from you. Because they have a lot of great individual players. Well organized and and can cause problems for us. We are going to do our best in this game to win it.”

“A draw in their last game. Not about us because no matter. What happens to the other team or what kind of results came out. Before this game It’s only half the season. Is there anything that can be changed? We have to be consistent in what we do. play your best control your own play.”

“Like the story of Casemiro (banned in this game) it’s something we can’t control. He didn’t play in the first game of the meeting and we’re not good enough to beat Manchester United, look at their team. it’s awesome Both individual abilities and team play. They can beat every team in this league. We have to have a game plan ready. Of course we came up with a plan in a way. That we knew Casemiro couldn’t play in this game.