Depression and 6 common behaviors But patients

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Depression and 6 common behaviors But patients are often unaware.

Association of Psychiatrists of Thailand Identify behaviors of depressed patients. That are common but may not report to ยูฟ่าเบท psychiatrists. Because they may not realize that it is unusual, that is, “watching Youtube Tiktok or any short clip for a long time”

Although it may normal behavior. That people in these days prefer to do. But it will different for each person depending on the feeling received from that action.

depressed patients It was possible to keep watching short clips because it felt frustrating in my heart. Didn’t get any pleasure from those clips. Keep looking to find things to do. not concentrating Can’t watch long things like long clips for hours or can’t watch long movies or series. Including being able to finish reading a book and if trying to watch something long will continue to press skip because there is not enough concentration

And while watching those clips, I didn’t get much enjoyment. Just find activities to kill time. in order to get myself out of the tumultuous thoughts in my heart I don’t have much emotion towards the clip I watched.

Even if it’s a short clip But I sat and watched until I fell asleep watching it even though I didn’t feel anything fun. watch the time pass Unlike other people who watch clips, watch movies, series or read books for a long time. Because it’s fun until you can’t stop.

In addition, some people may not have the behavior of watching a short clip.

 But it is doing other activities such as playing Sudoku, playing for several hours a day, as if to train the brain, but actually the reason for playing and the feeling of playing is not that much in the game. Play just to kill time.

Therefore, we can observe that I have a habit of doing short, repetitive things, as if looking for an activity to do for entertainment for minutes and hours. But actually I don’t feel entertained by what I’m watching, reading, or doing. Are you even less at all?

In addition, the Psychiatric Association of Thailand It also suggests further observations that some depressed patients At work he seem like a normal person. But when I was home, I was absent-mind. Sit and stare at the ceiling as the time goes by. Because they run out of energy trying to appear “normal” at work.

Including losing interest in taking care of yourself, not wearing makeup, not applying cream, not choosing good clothes deliberately, even rarely taking a shower and washing your hair.

6 common behaviors But patients are often unaware.

  1. Make an obvious effort to make other people happy. Because I don’t feel happiness The tea mind is gone.
  2. Turn on the TV next to it all night. in order to release the negative energy in your head indefinitely
  3. Post a message on social media. Or send a message to a friend saying they’re okay, they’re fine when they’re watching or listening to depressing stories.
  4. Neglecting to take care of their own cleanliness, such as rarely taking a shower and washing your hair
  5. Practice smiling in front of a mirror before going out and meeting people.
  6. A lot of energy is spent trying to act like a normal person at work. But when I returned home, I was exhausted and lay in a deep sleep, not wanting to do anything.

Although these behaviors were not diagnostic criteria. But it is often found in the daily life of patients with depression. That psychiatrists often encounter. But that doesn’t mean. This kind of behavior must always cause by depression as well. definite diagnosis It is necessary to see a psychiatrist for further history taking. and mental status examination only